Participation in the Third Business Forum 1C:ERP in Moscow 1C:ERP first in the Kazakhstan!

Date of publication: 09.11.2016

On 28 October the third 1C:ERP Business Forum took place in Moscow. It was dedicated to the implementation and development of the «1C:ERP Enterprise management – 2»solution and other solutions and services of 1C. Our company together with Kamkor management, KPMG, Stepnogorsk Mining-Chemical Complex representatives were participants of it.

Natalya Sheshkil is 1C-Rating project manager, she presented the report about first project in Kazakhstan based on 1C:ERP Enterprise management-2 for Kazakhstan solution in Kamkor management company.

We have a system go-live today there. 440 end-users are turned on the 1C-ERP system and have system services provided by 1C-Rating team. At the same time another subsystems are implementing now. Hereinafter you can see the information from Kamkor management site`spress-release.

Heads ofthe group ofthe Kamkor companies and the1C-Rating company have taken part inthe Third Business Forum 1C:ERP (Moscow), dedicated tothe implementation and development ofthe solution 1C:ERP Enterprisemanagement-2and other solutions and services of 1C.

Project manager onthe part of1C-Rating Natalya Sheshkil presented tothe audience areport onthe ongoingfirst inKazakhstanimplementation ofthe solution 1C:ERP Enterprisemanagement-2for Kazakhstsn inthe group ofthe Kamkor companies. The report, which aroused agreat interest ofthe audience, contained information onthe objectives and tasks, progress ofthe project, encountered inthe previous steps difficulties and their solutions.

—Today, the project ofimplementation ofacorporate information system isgoing onand iscovering more and more departments inthe group ofthe Kamkor companies. Wehope that next year wewill present the results ofthe implementation ofthe second phase ofthe project, stressed its head.

The business forum 1C:ERP isconducted by1Cfor the third time. The event has traditionally been ofgreat interest torepresentatives oflarge andmedium-sizedbusinesses, the number ofparticipants isincreasing every year. In2015 the forum was attended by1100 senior representatives of670 organizations, the forum was supported bythe board oftheMilitary-IndustrialCommission ofthe Russian Federation; in2016 the number ofthe forum participants was more than 2,000. The audience ofthe forum are mostly representatives ofthe management team ofcompanies: owners and shareholders, general directors and CEOs, CFOs and chief accountants, IT- directors, technical directors and production managers, the HR- directors and others.

The aim ofthe forum istoexchange experiences onthe projects ofimplementation of1C:ERP and other 1Csolutions for the corporate sector, apresentation ofnew capabilities ofthe platform1C: ERP Enterprise Management, 1C:Holding management, 1C:Enterprise-8, 1C:Document service, 1Cservices, industry and specialized solutions 1C-Together and other decisions, including consideration ofthe most important functions and the projects ofimplementation inthe thematic sections.