«Prommashcomplect» LLP participates in the railway industry cluster implementation within «1C:Manufacturing enterprise management 8 for Kazakhstan»

Date of publication: 26.02.2015

«1C-Rating» company completed the automation of «PROMMASHCOMPLECT» LLP — leading Kazakhstan plant for the production of switches and railway wheels. The information system is based on the «1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan» solution. This system embraced 80 work places, allowed to organize efficient manufacturing management, to accelerate and make more accurate the product prime cost calculation and improved the management control.  The company management received a set of tools for accounting and funds management of financial and industrial enterprise activities.

«PROMMASHCOMPLECT» LLP is the leading Kazakhstan plant for  the production of switches and railway wheels and has no analogues in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. On the territory of the CIS is the fifth plant to produce products arrow. The plant makes provision for the «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» JSC NC and other enterprises of the republic with materials for railway track construction. 590 specialists are employed at the plant. As a participant in the program of accelerated industrial and innovative development, LLP "PROMMASHKOMPLEKT" is to become the flagship production of equipment for rail transport. The plant is equipped with modern equipment and manufactured products meet international quality standards.

The prerequisites for the new information system implementation were:

  • Insufficient automation of accounting sections or functional blocks.
  • Absence of planning and management data and reporting in the current information system.
  • Manual data processing with distracting the employees of neighboring departments form the performing of direct duties.

Company management determined the project purposes and objectives:

  • Maximum transfer of data input to the source.
  • Ensured operative, timely and reliable information for management solutions.
  • Development of management accounting mechanisms and its implementation by the software.
  • Provided connectivity of accounting and operational accounting of production and business.
  • Efficient interaction of divisions.
  • The plant efficiency improvement.

«1C-Rating» company proved to be a reliable partner in the development of complex corporate systems with maximum coverage of work places and was chosen as implementation performer. Own IT-service participated in the implementation. «1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 for Kazakhstan» business application was chosen as the software for developing information system.

During the project following works were performed:

Accounting model of cost flow, finished products output, services provision for core and supplementary production was developed within the «Production management» subsystem.  Analogues of materials were used in order to meet the requirements. Finished and non-finished products cost calculation procedures modifications were made.

Implemented mechanism allows:

  • Cost allocation in strict accordance with usage rate regulated in a product specification and control of volume of costs of non-finished products output.
  • Acquiring information about prime cost of products and inventory remains of components. This information is used by economists for the assessment of deliverability of customer orders.
  • Acquiring data about full cost of products, considering non-manufacturing costs. This data is for analysis of production profitability by separate nomenclature.

Functionality for operative and advanced accumulation of orders developed within the «Funds management» subsystem. This allows managing the flow of funds.

All the warehouses and plant storages works within the management subsystem. New mechanisms of used materials cost allocation were implemented.

Own design subsystems were implemented:

  • Agreement of any types of documents, with flexible routes of agreement.
  • Treasury management considering additional sections of control.

Within the «Payroll and HR management» subsystem, following accounting sections were automated by the close of the project:

  • human resources management;
  • leave management;
  • staff work time accounting;
  • payroll;
  • calculation of taxes and contributions, including mandatory professional pension contributions;
  • wage payment;
  • payroll monitoring of in regulated accounting;
  • execution writs accounting, and settlements with payees within writs of execution;
  • regulated tax and statistical reportings;
  • developed supplementary reports and entry forms.

Moreover, business processes analysis performed, system functionality development requirements specified.

Functionality for monitoring of sales of assets under construction developed within the working «Assets management» subsystem.

2nd of September 2014 is expiry date of the trial operation and the beginning of the production operation. System users are the employees from the majority of enterprise departments. 80 work places automated.

The continuing railway industry cluster deployment is confidently has appropriate data support, due to the unified information system, which ensured the majority of the plant departments.

«PromMashKompleKt» LLP — the largest wholesale supplier of transport rolled metal materials for railway track construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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