«Kokshetauminvody» JSC develops its business with «1C:Enterprise 8»

Date of publication: 31.07.2008

«1C-Rating» company completed the project of comprehensive automation of the «Kokshetauminwody» JSC. «1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan» was used as automation system of management and accounting. Unified business solution allowed the company management to improve the enterprise management efficiency, the level of planning and to unify the document turnover of the entire branch network of the company, which includes 10 companies.

«Kokshetauminwody» JSC, is one of the food industry leaders in Kazakhstan. Such company’s brands as «Haoma», «Turan», «Kulager-Arasan», «Svezhest», are very popular within the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond it. The “Kokshetauminwody” company is a national leader by output of alcoholic products in a premium segment and one of the leading companies by the production of natural mineral water and beverages on its base.

Today the “Kokshetauminewody” company comprises the whole production complex. The company included its own natural and mineral water basins, advanced production technologies, progressive quality control, management and safety systems, its own branch offices network which involves the whole Kazakhstan

Annual business expansion and increase in production volumes increasingly complicate the enterprise management structure. In this regard, the company decided to implement unified information system for all enterprise and branch network. The implementation purposes were ability to accumulate necessary reliable data for the effective management and wide coverage of the enterprise business processes.

Company management choose «1C:Enterprise 8» software for the implementation. The prime considerations of choice were followings:

  • versatility and flexibility;
  • the availability of effective tools for monitoring key indicators of the company performance;
  • the availability of phased implementation of the system with gradual increase of functionality;
  • available cost of license and ownership;
  • transparency of the solution business logic;
  • advanced administration features.

Following tasks were to be solved during the implementation works:

  • Precise long-term planning of production schedule and formation of sales and purchases plans;
  • Data unification in a unified info base;
  • Accumulation of trade analytical information on trade;
  • Analysis and evaluation of marketing activities;
  • Formation of regulated reporting in accordance with the legislation;
  • Detailing of the data on a separate sections of accounting and management.

«1C-Rating» company was chosen for the project implementation as one of the leading companies for automation of manufacturing enterprises with branch network. The company has great experience of «1C:Enterprise 8» software product implementation and excellent reputation, confirmed by customer reviews.

During the impact analysis the «1C-Rating» company specialists and the customer specialists determined the following priority sections for the automation: production accounting, management of sales, funds and inventory.

One of the important considerations of the enterprise is the provision of customer service quality, considering all the stages of service. For this purpose the «1C-Rating» company specialists additionally developed the subsystem for forwarding of finished products. Presently, on-time delivery of order is guaranteed.

Due to the specialized mechanism for infobase-to-infobase data exchange, “Kokshetauminewody” JSC specialists gained the abilities to analyze consolidated data, to generate detailed reports on arrears in the context of the whole enterprise, the branches and the counterparties separately.

Enterprise significantly reduced the expenses for petroleum, oil and lubricants due to the developed subsystem of motor vehicles fuel accounting. This subsystem allowed efficient planning of motor vehicles loading, operative control of fuel residues, petroleum, oil and lubricants accounting in the context of traveling sheets.

1C-Rating company specialists performed data transfer from the previous piecemeal software to the unified distributed info base. Transfer and reconciliation of the 10-enterprises-data were performed, unified directories structure was developed, access permissions were set.

Developed information system ensures the automation of the following tasks and the «Kokshetauminwody» JSC activity areas:

  • Planning, plan-fact analysis of sales and purchases.
  • Production accounting and prime cost calculation.
  • Pricing, including flexible pricing for corporate customers.
  • Sales management, including:

· Wholesalers;

· Retailers;

· Forwarding.

· Planning of sales volumes, separately for the whole company, branches and trade representatives;

· Customer orders processing, analysis and control of.

  • Purchase management, including import transactions.
  • Inventory management.
  • Учет транзитного акциза при перемещении готовой продукции между складами.
  • Funds accounting and financial management.
  • Assets management (including leased assets).
  • Customer relationship management, including ABC customer classification.
  • Payroll accounting.
  • Managerial accounting.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Formation of tax reporting and reporting for alcohol sales monitoring.

User training was performed for the successful initiation of the automated system. Presently, system is used by more than 140 employees (80 simultaneously connected).

Results of the implementation project were:

  • Cost of finished and semi-finished products data is analyzed with required detailing level.
  • Improvement of the planning level of retail sales, due to the organized system of customer order formation.
  • Due to the ability of operative direct data input to the automated system. Well-planned manufacturing requirements due to the significant improvement of the material costs data completeness and accuracy.
  • Optimization of regulated and industry reporting collection.
  • Complete business view, due to the subsystem for transfer pricing between the branches.

I.M. Rykovanov, Vice President for Development notes:

«Developed comprehnsive system allowed to avoid using additional software. Implemented system gave the ability to generate detailed reports on the various registers of managerial and regulated accounting; allows to avoid supporting documents processing errors; eliminates the need for paper-based document turnover. Hopefully our cooperation with "1C-Rating" LLP will be continued»

Today the “Kokshetauminewody” company comprises the whole production complex. The company included its own natural and mineral water basins, advanced production technologies, progressive quality control, management and safety systems, its own branch offices network which involves the whole Kazakhstan and the commercial agency in Omsk, the Russian Federation..

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