1C-Rating Company


1C-Rating company is an official partner of «1C» company since the establishment in January 1998.

Efficient strategy of development, is confirmed bycustomer reviews,and team of specialists alowed the company to became one of the largest franchising companies of 1C. The sutomers of 1C-Rating are enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses, the largest representatives of the Kazakhstan economy, as well as government institutions of regional and republican levels.

To date, the company has the following statuses:

  • 1C:Franchising
  • Centre of Developmentof replicable solutions on the base of 1C:Enterprise platform
  • Centre of Maintenance
  • Partner of «1C:Consulting»
  • Centre of Production Competence
  • Centre of Trade Competence
  • Certified Centre of Examination
  • Centre of Certified Education
  • Gold Certified Partner of «1C-Bitrix»

The undoubted capital of the company is a highly qualified specialists, many of who are certified by 1C company as«1C:Specialists» of«1C:Enterprise 8»software.

«1C-Rating»company's policy is an effort not only to fully satisfy the needs of customers but also provide prospects for their further development.

In order to create the most favorable conditions for the growth of partners and customersbusinesses,«1C-Rating» company obtained the certificate KZ228304Q-Uof quality management systemfor compliance with ISO 9001:2008 international standard in all activity areas:

Software products distribution

You can purchase the followingsoftware products:1C:Enterprise, 1C-Bitrix, ABBYY, Entensys (UserGate), ESET, Microsoft, SOYLEM (russian-kazakh translator), Symantec, , doctor WEB, Kaspersky Lab, etc.

1C:Enterprise software product implementation and maintenance services provision

With the help of our specialists You can make the transition to a new accounting system or improve the already existing system, regardless of automation tasks complexity, selected «1C: Enterprise»product and activities of Your enterprise.

Ourexperienceinaccoutning automation of enterprises of varioussizesand spheres of activity guarantees you optimal and high quality results.

development of Customized aplications of 1C:Enterprise Software

Various enterprises accountingautomation has its own specifics and cannot always be fully implemented only by features of standard solutions.That is why our company develops customized business applications for automation of enterprises business processes.

Organizations of budgetary sphere, healthcare, catering and fuel and energy sectors, mining companies, industrial and educational organizations, - this is not a complete list of industry sectors, for which«1C-Rating» business solutions exist.

Consulting support of 1C:Enterpise users

Our company has a consultation line to ensure Your convenience of work with 1C software.

By phone and email our consultants help you to makedocument posting, generate a report,change tax rates, as well as get answers to other questions about the work with «1C» software products for Kazakhstan.

specialists Education and certificaton of specialists

We offer courses of using «1C:Enterprise 8» software products at our centre of education in order to enable You to use the software functionality efficiently. An experienced employee may confirm his qualification by passing the «1C: Professional»and«1C: Specialist»exams.

website development and maintenance servises

Use the experience of our specialists if you are willing to develop your own online store or intracorporate portal based on«1C-Bitrix» software products. The specialists completed successfully training and certification of working with«1C-Bitrix Site Manager»and«1C-Bitrix Intracorporate portal»software products, what is confirmed by the status of Gold Certified Partner ofthe«1C-Bitrix»company.

We wish our work make Your business stronger, more competetive andmobile responsive to changes in external market conditions!